The printed hardcover edition of Haskell Programming from First Principles is no longer available for sale. Everyone that bought the print bundle will have their order shipped within the next 4 weeks.

The current status is that I'm awaiting the proofs from the printer. Once I sign off on those, the print run kicks off and we expect it to take 2 weeks for that to finish, then a couple days for it to be shipped to my logistics partner. We'll be shipping out everyone's orders all at once.

Thank you to everyone who's been along for the ride.

Why are you doing the orders as a single-batch?

If you're wondering why I closed out the orders, the reason is because I was losing money on each sale despite charging $15 for domestic shipping and $35 for international orders. $15 ended up being about right for the domestic orders but I was losing huge amounts of money for each book going outside of the continental United States. We have a second baby due in September and I have a second surgery coming up later this year, I can't afford to run a charity that operates for the benefit of people that happen to like print books. I'm not Amazon, I don't have the cost structures they do. I'm subject to the tender mercies of whatever DHL et al. are charging.

Those issues combined with the fact that there was a heavy bias toward international orders among the people buying the print books means that the print version of the book is not something I can afford to offer in perpetuity due to the financial risk of the losses increasing.

In the process of looking into the costs and my alternatives, I did find out from a Russian customer that there are these services that people use to aggregate their orders within the United States and then ship them over all at once to save money. The average cost they told me they pay to get stuff to the home country sounded eminently reasonable. If I offer a print book in the future, I will probably restrict orders to the United States and direct people to use those reshipping services. It'll actually save both parties money AIUI. Those companies seem to only work direct-to-consumer, I don't think any of them work with vendors. If anyone knows more about this, please feel free to shoot me an email via the support address.

Can I still get a book?

No. I deleted the option from the website's code. I'm shutting down the print order integration with my logistics partner so they're only going to ship out whatever's in the spreadsheet I'm sending them.