The printed hardcover edition of Haskell Programming from First Principles is now available for pre-sale.

First, I want to thank everyone who has supported the book from the very beginning. Many of you I know by name through social media, personal relationships, from IRC and the many hours I spent learning Haskell and how to help others learn Haskell there, and from the development of the book itself. Working on the book wasn't easy and I'm always grateful when someone tells me it helped them.

When am I getting the book if I buy it now?

Expect the book to ship in 2-3 months. At the latest by July. I expect it to take up to 6-8 weeks for the batch to ship from the printer to my logistics partner. That's in addition to the time between now and when I pull the trigger on the print order.

I don't want to buy it unless the book is shipping immediately

If you're not comfortable buying the book as a pre-sale, that's totally fine. Just wait until this summer and buy it then. This pre-sale is necessary so that I know roughly how many books to print and stock and to pay for the print run itself.

Okay but why is it a "pre-sale?"

These are not low quality, digitally printed books like you get from Lulu or some tech publishers and so they cannot be printed on demand.

These are offset printed books, casebound (meaning, hardcover), and with a lay-flat binding. I have to do a big batch at a time or it's egregiously expensive.

If your address changes or is likely to change before we ship

If you need to change your address between now and when the book starts shipping, please send me an email. The contact information is always at our support page.

What about the discount for the early access buyers?

There's a discount to get the print version for $30 off available to the people that supported the book before the final version released on January 27th, 2020. You do not need to email me to get this coupon. It has already been generated and applied to your account automatically. If you believe you should've had a discount applied and it doesn't seem to show up when you go to checkout, please reach out to me via the support email.

You need to claim your already-created account to get your discount. Use the same email address you bought the book on Gumroad with and set it via this form: Set my password

The form is also linked on the login and sign-up pages.

You will not see the discount automatically apply until you go to the checkout page.

What will the book look like?

Keep in mind these are images of a galley proof that was digitally printed. The final printing and binding should look better. The final print version will still be black & white on the pages but the cover should look identical.

Haskell Almanac?

That's next after the print version is shipping and any kinks in my logistics integrations are worked out.